(2016) Heart-Drive


This piece is about fusion of very different musical elements.

I have a penchant for impressionistic, quasi improvised runs, you can notice that, for example in the guitar solo passage of the song “EO”.

Here I recorded a short song with the Korg Karma, using piano, guitar and strings.

The introduction is deliberately decorated with Ritardandos and accents, because I did not want the arpeggios to sound too looped, the repetetive element should be reserved for the second section.

As in the song Q-Chord, modern sound forms, which some would rather describe as oblique, are quite attractive to me. Here, in Heart-Drive, a noisefield sound is used for transition to the Goa-like part of the song. This sound comes from NI reactor. From now on, a sequence of a Behringer BCR2000 with Zaquencer firmware takes over, which controls a Waldorf Blofeld, which delivers all Goa sounds, except for the conductive shutter chorus from the Ableton DAW with Push2.

The piece ends with a variation of the impressionistic beginning part.