(2013) Tape Works 80-82 Vinyl LP

The Symboter LP on vinyl! Early works of the early 80’s.
Limited, numbered edition of 500 pieces, completely sold out.

The tapes from 1980-1982 contained songs I had recorded from 1978-1981, many of them live due to lack of multitrack recording equipment or because too complicated, then on 4-track tape devices and finally a few pieces in a 24 track studio, which I did a few nights allowed to use it.

The original master tapes have disappeared over time, there are only a few cassettes from that time. The German label “Vinyl on demand” has amazingly a complete set of “blue” studio cassettes. At the time there was an “orange” series, which contained only live recorded songs, without multi-track technology.

Vinyl on demand has only slightly reworked the cassettes in order not to change the original cassette sound.

I am particularly pleased that my works from that time have now been given a place of honour in this exclusive label.

Boomkat Product Review:

**Hand-numbered edition of 500 copies** Berlin-born, Munich-residing electronic artist and musician Olaf Schirm was inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Klaus Schulze to make his own music in the late ’70s and early ’80s. V-O-D’s ‘Tape Works 80-82’ collects the best from a trio of his studio productions built on Moog, commercial Japanese synths and his custom-built Symboter Modular System for the Syntape label – ‘Synchroton’ (SYN06), ‘Matrix’ (SYN005) and ‘Phon-Ethik’ (SYN017). Notably, Schirm was a technician for Gershon Kingsley, the author of Moog classic, ‘Popcorn’, and worked its distinctive, bubbling sequences across his own compositions on display here, from the very Kraftwerk-esque hooks of ‘Digimba’ to the lathered melodies of ‘Walking Duck’ and the solemn synth-pop vista of ‘Electronic City’, or best of all, the piquant pirouette of ‘The Transcendence’. RIYL Power Plant!


From “phon-ethik” (1983)
A1 Nachrichten 3:39
A2 Digimba 3:14
A3 Schlangenkonig 4:01
From “Synchrotron” (1982)
A4 Walking Duck 4:51
A5 Kraftkern-Stop 1:25
A6 Silent Storm 2:56
A7 System 7:35
B1 Electronic City 5:46
B2 Blauer Planet Blauer 6:10
From “Matrix” (1982)
B3 Die Transzendenz 5:58
B4 Step By Step 5:01
B5 Elektronenstimme 4:30

Remastered AtGS Mastering & Post



Comes with 12″ x 12″ insert.