eye contact (or: new friends with depth)

Some – not recognized – but internationally active scientists have developed a theory that can lead to the forgotten, so-called “eye contact” with simple (but unfortunately strenuous and not entirely harmless) exercises. What’s that? How to explain it to a “digital native”? I’ll try: an experience of indescribable intensity, comparable to 1000 likes at once!

I have experienced the “eye contact” several times in my youth, at that time I didn’t know about its fragile existence. Now living in Berlin it is different. It does not exist here, or no longer. But I have hope that this scientifically based exercise, developed by a studied eye consultant living on Instagram and this APP will help bring it back to life here – like gene cloning an extinct species. This is a wonderful gift for the “Last Generation”.

For most of our last generation the theoretical approach is too much intellectual effort, that’s why in the following I’ll try to describe the practical exercise and application of the APP step by step in a easy to follow practical training according to their instructions:

1) First, look at your smartphone screen – as always and as you do now.

2) Enter the first level of difficulty:
Detach your gaze from the messages, you can calmly keep tapping or swiping your smartphone to feel comfortable, and direct your eyes upwards towards the battery and wifi indicator. I know it’s exhausting, chat again, watch some reels and stories and then, as soon as you feel better, repeat this exercise. Do this at least once an hour to gain confidence outside of your usual digital social (distancing) environment.

3) The next exercise is much more difficult and can only be started by you when you have mastered the first exercise as if in your sleep, i.e. even at night, just before your eyes fall shut on your smartphone:
Carefully move your eyes now even further up to the edge of the display, where the protective film, the gorilla glass ends, as if you see a crack in the glass or a pinched hair there. Return your gaze to the familiar surroundings as soon as you feel insecure or if you experience fear. Repeat this exercise twice a day at first, too, and then – as you become more confident – once an hour. Continue chatting as usual and – also as usual – do not go into depth at all, do not tell anything about your exercise. You will not get likes at this early stage of the exercise and this can lead to depression.

4) The third exercise is extremely difficult and you need a strong will.

CAUTION: This exercise is not suitable for children, pregnant women, in case of illness, if you are taking medication, alcoholized, under energy drinks or on drugs, even if you wear reading glasses. Practice this step only in safe environment, maybe check your surroundings by turning on the camera of the smartphone on the BACK side (yes, there is and I mean NOT the setting for selfies, that is the FRONT camera).
Do not practice this step in the dark!

Download the APP “Eye Contact” from Google Play or from the App Store on your smartphone and accept the terms and conditions. The download is free, the app is funded for your safety by advertisements. Click on “Search eye contact” in the installed app. Now a friend who is also looking for eye contact and is nearby will be found in your app or you will receive the invitation of a new friend. Accept the contact as usual. Using the “Contact Location” feature, which knows the location of both participants, the app will suggest the place and time to meet. Accept this appointment. When the time comes, move to this meeting, again as usual with a permanent locked gaze on your smartphone map. That is fun, isn’t it? Once you arrive at the place, check the presence of the other person in the chat.

Now you have to be brave: Activate the eye contact countdown in the app, this triggers the countdown synchronously for both partners. While the countdown counter is counting down to zero, a soft clicking sound can be heared; with each click, you are asked to look up further and further in the direction of the edge of your display. At countdown zero you will hear a soft chime and then quiet music, now loosen your gaze from the edge of the display to the void above and try to keep breathing calmly. Raise your head and look straight ahead, about the same head movement as when you take a selfie, only not quite so high and without a raised arm with smartphone. The smooch can stay. The arm stays down.

Attention: now everything becomes three-dimensional!At first everything is blurred, but after a few seconds contours gain definition, like images loaded from the cloud and pixelating finer and finer.Look for the following pattern in this image, these are the eyes of your eye contact partner: (can also be similar)


Do you notice the feeling? It is indescribable! Surely, it will only take a moment and you will immediately look back to your familiar smartphone environment. Don’t worry, if the music ends and you haven’t found your chat interface again, raise your arm as if taking a selfie and the smartphone will appear in front of your eyes.

You can repeat the eye contact for free! Use the app for another eye contact and meet new friends with depth.

Buy “Eye Contact PRO” for intense, tingling eye contact or the new multi-user APP for entrepreneurs “Eye Contact ENTERPRISE”, you will receive the plugins “penetrating gaze” and “devastating gaze” with training instructions as a bonus.