News / 5. September 2013

One of my angel photos on the front page

“reformiert” Newspaper

The editorial board Zurich of the Swiss newspaper “reformed.” wrote to me and asked for the release of one of my photos, here is the result, in colour printing with a circulation of 720,000 copies. I’m very happy!

reformiert. is the member newspaper of the Protestant churches in Switzerland.

News / 5. June 2013

Vinyl on demand releases Symboter LP

The Symboter LP on vinyl is here! Early works of the early 80's:

The tapes from 1980-1982 contained songs I had recorded from 1978-1981, many of them live due to lack of multitrack recording equipment or because too complicated, then on 4-track tape devices and finally a few pieces in a 24 track studio, which I did a few nights allowed to use it.

The original master tapes have disappeared over time, there are only a few cassettes from that time. Vinyl on demand has, amazingly, a complete set of "blue" studio cassettes. At the time there was an "orange" series, which contained only live recorded songs, without multi-track technology.

Vinyl on demand has only slightly reworked the cassettes in order not to change the original cassette sound.

I am particularly pleased that my works from that time have now been given a place of honour in this exclusive label.

symboter VOD

News / 24. March 2013

TV interview about 3D printing

A detailed description and demonstraion by me in an interview on TV about the challenges and possibilities of the – at that time not well known – 3D printing. On “Breakfast” TV in the year 2013. Video edit will follow.

Screenshot of TV broadcast about 3D printing

A video edit of the broadcast is here: