Augmented Fashion

In July 2016 I performed at Telekom’s ElektroCouture event at LNFA Berlin with a glow suit, the Heart2Heart Eccessoire and for the first time with augmented fashion. In my opinion, this is an extremely underestimated area of future fashion, to which I have not heard a word at all the events of the festival. I’m probably the only one who wore augmented fashion at this festival.

Augmented Fashion is the extension of fashion with technical means of augmented reality. These include marker-based or markerless tracking methods and docking computer-graphic fashion to them. Visually, the person then wears real fashion, complemented by virtual fashion up to full-body armor, also moving.

I had a tracking marker on the shoulder of my jacket at the event, with a virtual moving model attached. Through a smartphone app you could see me simultaneously with the augmented fashion. (Follow photos)