The name “The BAT” comes from the bat. It is known that it uses ultrasound for orientation.

In this small project I built a sound lamp. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor and a

Vibration motor. When an obstacle is detected by the ultrasonic sensor (in the form of a flashlight), the

pulses the ultrasonic sensor.

The closer the object is, the faster the pulsation, except for a proximity of 10cm, then the motor vibrates consistently as a warning.

The maximum distance reached for detecting obstacles is about 150cm and is acknowledged with barely noticeable pulses.

If there is no obstacle nearby, then there is no haptic/tactile feedback.

The sound lamp is worn in the hand, contains an Arduino microcontroller and the power supply.

You can walk through a room in total darkness and without a light source, although of course it takes longer than with light.

In contrast to sensors attached to the clothing, it is also possible to locate holes in the ground or branches at head height and thus avoid them.

For me, an interesting tactile experiment that brings further insights as part of my e-couture research.

bat1 bat2