In the 1990s and around the turn of the millennium, my main interest was in the real-time movement of human beings.
First, I developed the FaceTracker, a facial vision device that could track and forward facial expressions and eyelid blinking in real time.

Then I extended the system with a complete mechanical exoskeleton to a DataSuit (branded as: FullBodyTracker), and finally I developed the DataGloves for tracking finger joint movements.

Another milestone was the software: a real-time muscle simulation and skin simulation for fullbody characters (realtime avatars) (“VuppetMaster”).

Here the fullbody tracker, the world’s first real-time full-body motion detection system (developed around 1997) (here in the version without DataGloves, with FaceTracker, the photographer is a grandmaster Bernhard Lehn from Munich, thank you for this great setting!)



here is a later version on Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld:


here on air with show host Günter Jauch (in this version: immersive with DataGloves and head mounted display):


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