Again and again the thought and desire to expand my clothes with electronics or modern materials accompanies me.

On the one hand, I am interested in materials (e.g. materials) from the high-tech sector, the medical sector and the safety sector.

and on the other hand, the extension of these materials with modern electronic components, such as sensors, actuators, light, sound.

Why is this important to me? Here is a brief compilation of the aspects that are relevant to me in arbitrary order:

Chic and e-chic: High tech fabrics and their combination with traditional materials, good cut and workmanship. Light effects in clothing.

Protection against environmental influences: visible demarcation to the outside, protection against weather influences, control of weather changes indoors

Personal security: Massive passive protection against personal attacks from near and far, slash/stitch/cut protection, splinter protection, active protection and defense acoustically and visually

Health: Control of bodily functions and adjustment of temperature, fit. Storage and transmission of body data

Communication: transmission and reception of sensory data of other persons, remote sensation, remote contact

Sensory extension, augmented reality: complementing the senses with suitable sensors for acoustics, optics, distance, environmental conditions, direction.

Privacy: Shielding and camouflage, passive and active protection against facial recognition, location, thermal location, photographers

In e-couture, there is a lot of talk and publishing about chic at the moment, especially the use of LEDs in clothing, the other areas are only sporadic in the focus of project work.

For me, electronic accessories that are assigned to fashion in the traditional sense belong, such as Jewellery, also for e-couture, I call it acessoires: Eccessoires.

Projects can be found here

E-Couture: here I am mentally on the road in many areas, but as an application I mainly use LEDs because of the simplicity, so I limit myself to e-chic. Since it is quite silly for men to walk around with LEDs on the clothes, I have discovered for myself the glow, the subtle and magical glow, and develop it from time to time. I like to celebrate this at my Proud Collector events. In May 2015 I stepped out there with a jacket with turquoise electroluminiszenz foil in the lining.

In the follow-up announcement in September 2015, I appeared in a glow suit that glowed blue from the sleeve and trouser legs. Luckily there is a photo of this (thanks Romy Campe from kunstleben.berlin)

Proudcollector_Event 40

Proudcollector_Event 23