(2009) YDNA2

This is the YDNA2 humanoid robot:


Project summary:
YDNA2 (Why DNA) is a biped and uses Lynxmotion Erector Set (1.5mm aluminum) brackets at most of the places and Hitec premium digital HS-5990TG servos, no intelligence, just a Lynxmotion SSC-32 servo controller.

Chest design:
I could not use the Lynx motion biped torso because I wanted to have two jointed shoulder axis and the torso kits are designed to put the full load on one axis. This might damage the expensive servos so I had to mill a custom chest part. The chest houses the Lynmotion SSC-32 servo controller
and/or Atom Bot board. The robot will be driven by LiPoly cells 7.4V and there is a 6V voltage regulator to down stabilize this for the low cost 6V head servo(s).

I used the new (very expensive) HSR5990TG servos (30kg/cm) from Hitec. They have the aluminium servo horn already attached.

YDNA2 front
Servo brackets:
To insert these new servos with the standard second axis backpanel I had to drill a large 10mm hole into all Lynxmotion multipurpose backet holders (ASB-04). So I changed the recommended bearing mount procedure and added a plastic waver for increased stability. I can show a detail image if someone is interested in this.

The head is currently a pan head only and will be a camera head with pan/tilt. It uses the HS-422servos. The current head design is just for fun…

Technical data:
Weight: 2.4kg
Size: 45 cm
Servos: 21 (20 HSR5990TG, 1 HS422)
DOF: 21 (2*6 Leg, 2*4 Arm, 1 Head)

He has BRUTAL force and can kick you sick. The payload he can carry is enormous, I did not do tests yet. Of course he can stand on one leg and knee down on one leg. Can hop of course.

Here are two videos:
First one, I did record some poses, sorry I was not able to tweak things.
He is clapping the hands a bit, poses and to show the power he is standing on one leg while rising his knee and lifting his 2.4kg weight. He does it without any pain, the servos stay cold.
Then a kick and a good bye. All done with 6V only. Enjoy!

This second short video shows a non-stabilized hopping sequence of YDNA2
Doing this you can easily burn your servos!!!
I know what I am talking about,
Remember it is 2.4kg weight:

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