News / 13. December 2014

A Lost Song

What luck! I have looked through old DVDs of my former companies and on one was a video of me from 1985 (i.e. before I founded my first company), which I had made for my then employer beta-technik in Unterföhring/Munich.

I was the studio manager of the graphic/effect direction there. To present the possibilities of a particularly complicated and then completely new device to the editors, I created a simple demoband with real-time effects and now it comes: I backed it up with a combination of some of my music.

Here is the video, the first piece of music had been lost since then. Now I have isolated it and included it in the archive:

News / 24. June 2014

About Symboter at DieOrDiy

Platform “Die Or Diy” reports about my music on cassette “Matrix, Synchrotron and Phon-Ethik” .

“Phon-Ethik” is described as (excerpt): A cassette full of beautiful analogue warmth, with quite a few decent tunes.Honest electronic musik before it was turned into the ultimate W.M.D (weapon of mass distraction). Also, the best Symboter cassette. 

“Synchrotron” is qualified as (excerpt): More Tangerine Dream/Kraftwerk/soundtrack library music hybrid from Symboter. Crammed full of top of the range analogue beauty, from a treasure trove of classic synthesizers in Symboter HQ;… Lovely stuff.

“Matrix” remarks are (excerpt): The vocoder use is especially pleasing, new Generation, being a prime example of who to subtly use this classic device. Fans of anything on Colin Potter’s Integrated Circuit Records will love this.

Here is the link to the report

Die or Diy screenshot
News / 4. May 2014

A robotic installation in the exhibition "–SURVIVORS–"

The exhibition "–SURVIVORS–" with vernissage on 30.05.2014 in the Löwenpalais, Berlin shows for the first time one of my autonomously acting robotic objects.
Vernissage is on 30.05.2014. The exhibition was conceived and curated by Wolfgang Petrick. All other exhibition details, such as the extensive list of artists, see poster.

In this exhibition I show a robot installation with the title "FearBot", the robot object is described here in detail























News / 20. April 2014

rbb TV magazine Stilbruch shows “FearBot”

On the occasion of the exhibition “Survivors” which was curated by Wolfgang Petrick,at Löwenpalais of Stiftung Starke Berlin in April 2014, a TV shooting took place by rbb culture magazin Stilbruch. Author Margarete Kreuzer enjoyed my Science Art Installation “FearBot” a lot and honored it with this report.

FearBot in der Sendung “stilbruch” aired at rbb TV, April 2014

The report was aired in April 2014. There is no online link available to this report, nor any information on rbb or the former production company, the series has endend probably in 2015, here is a video from an archive:

Stilbruch Report “Survivors”