News / 2. July 2023

Exhibition “Olaf Schirm – Main Works”

The largest solo exhibition to date with my kinetic works, light installations and AI scenographics.
My numerous sound installations are missing, for them it needs a separate exhibition and space.
At Guelmann and Unknown Gallery, 10117 Berlin, Mittelstr. 51/52, June 27, 2023 (opening 7 p.m.) to July 3, 2023 inclusive (unfortunately shortened due to unforseen event in the gallery space).

News / 17. June 2023

ART THINKING keynote at DAM Gallery Berlin

I just rediscovered a short (10min) recording by a viewer of my biographic talk about ART THINKING – how an artist thinks and how this determines his actions.

The keynote took place at DAM GALLERY in Berlin, which kindly provided the venue for Wolfram Roßner’s (briefly shown at the beginning) young project: Art Thinking.

(The video was recorded in 2019, the project has been discontinued due the pandemic or is dormant).

In the keynote I summarized my entire career in bullet points for the first time and made it accessible to the public. The format was a 10 minute impulse talk. The audio is unfortunately not very good, but I think you can understand most of it (german language only). Enjoy!

News / 13. June 2023

New Song and AI-Video “DuDa”


A song about my grandparents dating each other in the 1920s and having fun, enjoying life. Technically speaking, this song was generated by me using software synthesizers only and the video clip by assembling 2700 images rendered with the AI Stable Diffusion, non retouched. (Each 3rd image has been rendered, the two images in between are blended)