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News / 2. August 2011

A record contract

After such a long time I signed a record contract again today. No, not for a solo CD, but for a remix of my piece "Crime" from the early 80s.

The French group "Spaceships Are Cool" has taken the title and processed it in a contemporary way. The result is a song worth listening to on a more listenable CD called " SERIOUSLY, ERIC? Vol. 3"

It will be released in September.

The old version of Crime can still be heard on

More will come as soon as I know something more precise.


News / 24. October 1995

WIRED magazine about Olaf Schirm

Legendary WIRED Magazin reports in October 1995 about my invention of the “FaceTracker”, a realtime facial motion capture device.

WIRED magazine report
WIRED Magazin photo of Olaf Schirm with face markers