Art against Corona

In the “Art against Corona” online exhibition on the platform “e-mERGING artiSTS” some of my works are shown, including my Corona work “Lockdown-Bot”. Thanks to the curator Lily Fürstenow for this!

Here is some information from the website: “This exhibition is an ongoing project that aims to exhibit online the work of contemporary artists across the globe to analyse the topic of Corona and the crisis caused by the disease on the global scale. Since Gallery visits are a problem “Behind the Facades” occasionally offers the virtual view into the public and private art spaces where access is otherwise impossible. Allowing to analyse art in certain contexts and given settings. All artists are welcome to participate, irrespective of age and country of origin. All kinds of formats are welcome. With this project ARE/artistic research and curator Lily Fürstenow would like to support and explore the creative potential of arts in the times of crisis. Please write us on FB or by e-mail:

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