The 150MHz DNA resonance lie

Often I just shake my head, but that excites me so much that I have to get rid of it:

It is repeatedly claimed that human DNA would have a resonance frequency of 150MHz.

In principle, I think such considerations are good and therefore follow them, but critically. Where does this supposed resonance frequency come from? It should be calculated from the fact that the DNA is considered to be a wound antenna, which results in a length of about 2m. The frequency can then be calculated from the length.

With this half-knowledge, therapy devices are now being built for gullible customers.

So just briefly, that wasn't going to work:

1) Anyone who knows the tuning button on the radio knows how exactly you have to set a frequency in order to receive. Human DNA is between 1.8 and 2.0 meters long, which is a huge spectrum. So you would have to determine the length, I don't know if anyone did that. But it certainly won't come out exactly 150MHz.

2) The DNA of man and woman is processed differently (XX vs. XY chromosome pair).

3) the DNA is not present as a single strand, but is divided into 46 chromosomes (each chromosome is flattened up to 5cm long), i.e. if only then we have 46 antennas with completely different frequencies. Simply adding many small antennas to a large one is simply nonsense.

In the resonance devices, "healing frequencies" are modulated. I am not so critical of this, but it is easier to implement, see e.g. binaural modulation of alpha, beta, theta and gamma frequencies.


One thought on “The 150MHz DNA resonance lie

  1. hello, I am happy about your comment about the effect of 150 MHz frequency. The last years unfortunately I have to consider the pushing of so-called Tesla-devices for therapy not only for medical persons, a development I am looking critical at. So do you have any scientific studies describing the effect of this high frequencies (150 MHz) on human cells? Actually they told about the positiv effects on mitochondrials… guess this is nonsense, too.
    Westhoff, PhD

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