1 meter 50

1 meter 50 (detail)

1 meter 50 is a kinetic sculpture.

1 meter 50 (yellow sculpture)

A skeleton of a young man carries 16 variable measuring tapes on his back, which spread in two groups of 8 tapes like rays from the skeleton to the left and right, forming two wings.

The wings have a wingspan of 1 meter 50 each, the recommended safety distance in Germany against a – for some people fatal – contagion with the Corona virus. 7 out of 8 beams of each wing are shorter than 1.50 meters.

The skeleton is available in a red and a yellow version, the colors are exactly taken from the measuring tape and thus signal a “measurable danger”.

1 meter 50 (both sculptures)
1 meter 50 (detail)

1 meter 50 (2020)
Mixed media, skeleton, lacquer, measuring tapes, 3D prints, stand
Weight: 12.8kg
Dimensions: 166cm(H) x 320cm(W) x 29cm(D)
Uniques: two each in red and in yellow color + 1ea each

Olaf Schirm – Main Works, Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery, Berlin, 2023