the now remains

the now remains (detail)

the now remains is a work on paper which leads to an interaction with the visitor.

the now remains (detail)

The work consists of a white A3 paper sheet, printed, a small plastic bag, a pencil and a black gum eraser.

the now remains (exibition view)

Again, this work reflects about the moment, the now, the instruction of action causes the art viewer to join in and experience the very moment of his interaction with the artwork.

In predetermined fields of a DIN A3 sheet, the place of birth(past), the actual place and the current date (present) and a wish (future) are entered and signed by the viewer with pencil. With an eraser everything has to be erased and the remains of black rubber gum particles are collected into a small plastic bag which is finally taped in a field on the paper. The bag contains “the now remains”, what remains of now and by this the now remains.

The booklet edition of “Handlungsanweisungen” (instructions for action), collection of singular works of several artists, has been published in May 2017, in a limited edition of 12 pcs. by Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin/Weimar. My work “the now remains” was included, all 12 sheets were numbered and signed, for this edition subtitled “symboter 2017”

Eigenheim Gallery Flyer

the now remains
Printed Paper 250gr DIN A3, pencil, plastic bag, black eraser

English first Edition (2017):
12/2ea signed in print “symboter 2017” included in booklet “Handlungsanweisungen”, with additional manual signature by artist
English second Edition:
unpublished, changed content, signed manually by artist, numbered
German Edition (2020-2021):
“was bleibt vom Jetzt”
25/2ea, printed paper 300gr DIN A3, signed manually by artist, numbered

the now remains (german version with accessories)

Exhibited at:
English language first edition:
Positions art fair, booth Gallery Eigenheim, Berlin, 2018
Handlungsanweisungen, Gallery Eigenheim, Berlin, 2017
German language edition:
33guests 3 artists, HOTO Berlin, Berlin, 2021
Passages of Perception into Structures, Leo Kuelbs Projects, online 2020