Photom is a kinetic light installation, as homage to the “ZERO” group artist Otto Heinz Mack with reference to non-locality of instable mechanical structures.

The object is a slowly and irregularly wobbling mosaic mirror, the surface of which is illuminated by a white light (photon) source. The white color can be filtered with color filter foils to create irregular moving color reflections on the rooms ceiling or wall. The result is only seemingly predictable, but not in detail. We have to live with the uncertainty, with the fuzzyness, with the potentiality.

Photos: Matthias Kolb

Photom (2015)
Kinetic Light Installation
Plexiglas, motors, electronics, mosaic mirrors, filter foils, lamp
Size (BHT): 50.2cm x 11.5cm x 25.0cm
Weight: 2kg
Uniques: 5+2ea

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