QR is an interaction wall object.

It was created during the 2020-2022 corona pandemic and deals with the emergence of icons and the discussion about the privacy of personal data.In the fight against a crisis, different rules must apply than in the orderly everyday life. The pandemic has shown that the demand for discussion and, above all, the demand for the insistence on one’s own, even absurd points of view, has taken on grotesque features, which ultimately caused considerable damage to the general public and cost many lives.One of the discussions was about the recording and designation of the vaccination status by means of an app. As a solution, the QR code emerged from its shadowy existence of years past and became the new face of a trusted person seeking entry at an event or restaurant.

For me, looking at the QR code is like looking into the iris of a digital eye.Interestingly, this new icon links disparate data into an overall picture, which this work is now meant to reveal.The (successful) scanning of the QR code succeeds only in contact with the work, not from an image or photograph. It requires the vis-à-vis, the eye contact from the human to the digital eye.

Fine Art Print on Alu Dibond, electronics, framed.
Dimensions (WHT):
64.5cm x 64.5cm x 2.5cm
Weight :
1 kg
Edition of unique pieces: 10+1ea

Olaf Schirm – Main Works, Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery, Berlin, 2023
Singularity, coderitter, Dresden, 2023