Quantom is a kinetic laser installation.

The installation consists of a slow, irregularly wobbling mosaic mirror, the surface of which is illuminated with 5 line-lasers to create complex wandering reflections on a canvas on a wall.

The laser is quantified as a sharp continuous beam by this apparatus, i.e. divided into packages that seem to evade Newtonian physics and drip down and upwards.

The result is only seemingly predictable, but not in detail. We have to live with the uncertainty, with the blurring, with the potentiality.


Photos: Matthias Kolb (this is the artist unique, the other ones have variable stands)

Quantom (2016)
Kinetic Light Installation Object
Laser, motors, electronics, mirror film, 3D printing, PVC, metal, picture frame
Weight: 8 kg
Size: 72cm (W) x 212cm (H) x 120cm (D) (Installation)
Uniques: 5+1ea

Ostrale Biennale, Dresden, July-October 2017
Ecstasies Teresa, Alte Muenze Berlin, March 2018
transformart 2018, Berlin, May 2018
State Studio Berlin, August-October 2019
St. Pete Netcom Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, February 2020
Olaf Schirm – Main Works, Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery, Berlin, 2023