Olaf Schirm – Balance

Balance is a kinetic sculpture.

The work symbolizes the fragile balance of man made progess and nature. We humans and all creatures and plants on earth are carbon based lifeforms. Carbon is in the air we breethe as carbon dioxide (CO2) and with concern we measure its increasing amount in the atmosphere. Now and more intense in future the world struggles to decrease this amount in a common effort – such as by struggleing against the corona pandemic – by lowering the exhausted amount of CO2 and collaborationg with the rest of the nature as partner, i. e. by reforestation.

The very sensitive equilibrium of carbon in nature is represented in this sculpture by a carbon tube structure and man made measuring devices, bubble levels, 3D printed elements by bio degradable plasic. Crossed levels are used to symbolize leafes and round shaped levels as blossom and root.

Balance (2020)
Mixed Media, carbon tubes, bubble levels, 3D print
Weight: 0.3 kg
Size: 54cm(H) x 24cm(W) x 6.5cm(D)
Edition of uniques: numbered and signed, various appearances and sizes, not limited

Exhibited at:
Singularity, coderitter, Dresden, 2023
Equilibrium, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin, 2020
Olaf Schirm – Main Works, Guelman und Unbekannt Gallery, Berlin, 2023