TIME/3 (Time divided by three)


TIME/3 (Time divided by three) is work from the series “Clock Works”

The ticking of quartz drives makes me nervous, with wristwatches, alarm clocks and large watches. The erratic movement of the second hands on these drives binds my attention and distracts me unpleasantly.

The time object “TIME/3” addresses this by offering a solution approach.

Instead of the usual quartz drive, a mechanical drive is used in which the hands move continuously and smoothly. In addition, the time display is broken down into three individual components, namely the hours, minutes and seconds. This is achieved with three mechanical clock drives.

The design idea consists of removing the three axes from your common center from each other. Nevertheless, the axes should remain so close together that the hands cross in the course. In addition, I found it important that at least one hand leaves the edge of the clock and thus penetrates into the surroundings from the watch.

The surface is covered with a mirror mosaic film. The watch reflects the environment and segments the reflection as it segments time and lets it out into the environment.

Here are some pictures (time is about 20 minutes before 5 o’clock):

TIME/3 (detail)

Here the red second hand wanders into the surroundings, in the background a closet and the warm light from the aisle, … yes, it is winter and the apartment is dark….:

TIME/3 (detail)

In the middle the reflection of the black camera:

TIME/3 (detail)

Here you can see that the hands are e.g. 3 o’clock 45 would greatly overlap, does nothing, they are mounted at different heights, as in the ordinary movement.

TIME/3 (detail)

TIME \ 3 (Time divided by three) (2010)
Material: three mechanical watch drives, mirror mosaic, PVC, aluminum, batteries
Dimensions: 41cm wide, 24.5cm high and 2.5cm deep
Weight: 1kg
Uniques: 5+1ea

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