TIME=\ (Time is not equal)


TIME=” (Time is not equal) is work from my series “Clock Works”

According to new findings, the perception of time is influenced, among other things, by the energy consumption of the brain.

The higher the energy absorption, the longer the moment occurs.

Everyone knows the subjective de-effort of time (time seems to pass more slowly) and the time-soaking (time seems to pass faster)

The time object “TIME=” addresses the variability of time sensation by breaking, accelerating, delaying seemingly constant intervals.

Because time is always associated with space, the object reflects and segments the environment.

The time object is also a sound object in which the seemingly uniform rhythm of second ticking is broken.

TIME=\ (detail)

TIME =\ (2015)
Material: three quartz watch drives, mirror mosaic, PVC, aluminum, electronics
Dimensions: 61cm wide, 28.5cm high and 4cm deep
Weight: 0.7 kg
Uniques: 5+1ea

Exhibited at:
Ostrale Biennale, Dresden, 2017