Panel of Experts

Panel of Experts is a luminokinetic room installation.

Several disinfection dispensers are mounted on pedestals and arranged in a full circle.
They glow and change their luminous color according to certain principles.

Symbolising a discussion round among experts opinions are exchanged, rejected or accepted.
Now and then conflicts arise.

The disinfection dispensers represent experts on numerous panels of experts during the Corona pandemic 2020-2021. Their total number can be 5, 6, 7 or 8.

At the beginning of the discussion, the expert characters (personalities) are composed by a personality test. This test is based on Prof. McLean and Sheldon (Triune Brain) and leads through biostructural analysis to an individual personality profile, represented by the colors red, green and blue, which are visible here as a mixture of colors. Depending on the dominance of the profile, the red, the blue or the green predominates in the personalities. Red stands for the sporty type, green for the comfortable, and blue for the thinker. Since each person carries all three components in his/her innerst, an individual mixed color is created, visible here on each “expert”.

In this installation the rather rigid anthropological personality profile is changed towards of a dynamic attitude profile, which can be percieved by the viewer.

In the installation 8 topics are discussed, the first topic is now selected and addressed. The topic is presented by one of the experts. Some of the listeners from the other experts in the round are particularly receptive to this topic and follow the argumentation. They form their opinion from it, which changes their attitude. If the argumentation of the presenting expert (influencer) goes too far for them or one of them, there is a defensive reaction (criticism). Once the topic is finished, the next one follows until the experts have discussed all 8 topics. At the end, they clearly take a different stance (colored here) than before the round. Their stance has changed, strengthened or become more balanced through compromise.

The object is developed for viewing over many minutes, the individual sections can be recognized. A conversation leader blinks 10 times at the start of the conversation. The impressionable listeners then blink 4 times and change their colors etc, depending on the course of the conversation. The whole process will repeat 8 times with new topics, speakers and listeners. When all topic habe been discussed, a new panel of experts assembles, which can be recognized by a strong color change of all experts, as new personalities are formed.

Again, the light changes are manifold and are influenced by rules, so that the overall composition has a work-typical sequence, but the internal change of the respective colors and constellations is unpredictable.

Panel of Experts (2021)
Mixed media, 8 disinfection dispensers, stands, LEDs, electronics, 3D prints
Weight: 24kg (constellation of 8)
Dimensions: (W and D variable) 170cm(H) x 210cm(W minimal) x 210cm(D minimal)
Edition: 4 unique pieces (one constellation each of 8, 7, 6, 5 pieces) plus 1 ea (constellation of 8)