SWARM (Detail)

SWARM is an immersive sound experience, which is realized by a special loudspeaker and a composition developed specifically for it.

By rotating a deflector plate, the sound radiation of a parallel sound projector is distributed and placed in the surrounding space by highspeed computational calculations.

The composition, which was developed especially for this loudspeaker system and extends over 6’30” minutes, tells the story of spreading biological and technical swarms.
Synthesizers, field recordings of places, animals, machines and atmospheres were used for the composition, as well as material from SpaceX and NASA.

Here is the score:

The composition is generated in real time in the loudspeaker system from the existing recordings using newly developed software.
Some of the recordings are micro-granulated or played back directly on the rotary speaker and the additional full-range ambient speaker in the base.

Visitors can change their position around the loudspeaker and gain new impressions in this sound experience.

SWARM (2019)
kinetic sound installation
duration : 6min 30sec
material : parallel and ambient loudspeakers, electronics, light strips, mixed media
dimensions (WHD): 40cm x 161cm x 48cm (object only),
(room dimensions should be between 3 and 5 meters, best square or round)
weight : 18kg
Uniques: 2+1ea

Equilibrium, Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin, 2020
SUPERPOSITION, Diskurs Berlin, 2020